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Tasmanian Justice of the Peace

Who can witness a Statutory Declaration valid for use in Tasmania?

Under the provisions of Section 132 of the Oaths Act 2001, a Statutory Declaration for use in Tasmania can only be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace or a Commisioner for Declarations.

Contact details for Justices of the Peace can be obtained by telephoning the Legal Aid Commission on 1300 366 611

Commisioners for Declarations are really just a type of Justices of the Peace who's role is restricted to witnessing declarations.

Justices of the Peace (JPs) and Commisioners for Declaration are members of the community who play an important role in our society. Note that they are volunteer workers - they don't get paid for what they do - they are not necessarily legally trained. They are not there to provide free legal advice.

By dealing with smaller matters, JPs free the courts to focus on cases that require professional legal training.

You can become a JP if you are: an Australian citizen over 18 and of good character.

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