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danielmgmoylan Very clear now that the EU doesn’t care what level of disruption and deprivation the people of N Ireland suffer. When will Ireland step in and speak up for fellow Irish? Brexit: EU warns UK over Irish Sea border goods checks - BBC News Conservative peer. Views my own. Retweets not endorsements. Generally I don’t reply to anonymous accounts.
SSCAdvent Global Ireland’s new Investment Limited Partnership Act is a game-changer for the private assets industry and will reinforce the country’s position as a leading global center for alternative assets. Learn more in our latest blog: News and updates on SS&C Advent, the leader in portfolio management, accounting systems, straight through processing, and trade order management #software
frankthetank622 @CatharineHoey @BorisJohnson You are stupid Britain is up against the EU the richest per capita market in the world And the USA largest economy and last superpower who have a President who will side will Ireland You idiots have destroyed Britain’s power and likely broke up the union Just fork off #NFFC #Jets #knicks #Yankees
reason_ni @graymarcuswp @ni_union Theres two questions in the long term how will unity help us become financially productive and the second is in the short term how will Ireland deal with the financial burden NI will bring? Both very legitimate questions. You're dismissive answer was brexit-esque. Unionist from NI who can't stand DUP and Sinn Fein who are both more concerned with flags and anthems than actually making peoples lives better! #reformstormont
CovidEreDys "We think this could be permanent" Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy @MichealMartinTD, @LeoVaradkar & @EamonRyan Will Ireland's government cover #LongCovid costs for men? #LongCovid #covid19ireland Link to article 1: Link to article 2:
LordBriani Ireland @SeanKellyMEP @RecovAIRie 9 countries using it now. How will Ireland implement it? When? Questions need answering and no stonewalling by @LeoVaradkar @MichealMartinTD @CMOIreland. No reason to delay until 19th July. Purely aimed at stopping travel @EU_Commission @dreynders @vonderleyen Daddy, Illuminator, Live Events, Health & Safety..
danielmgmoylan Very clear now that the EU doesn’t care what level of disruption and deprivation the people of N Ireland suffer. When will Ireland step in and speak up for fellow Irish? Brexit: EU warns UK over Irish Sea border goods checks - BBC News Conservative peer. Views my own. Retweets not endorsements. Generally I don’t reply to anonymous accounts.
hanrahf @SeanKellyMEP @RecovAIRie And Ireland is waiting till WHEN, The 1st of July like the rest of the EU or will Ireland ignore the science and the spineless government delay it till the 19th of July. Yea, great optimism, ffs
CJW46296733 @BelfastSpurs @bfchild66 How much will Ireland pay for all government buildings, hospitals, schools , universities etc. and infrastructure. Does all the medical equipment go back to uk? Does ROI start paying the dole? The list goes on and on
iamthebongman @Darrara1 @MundialMag @AccidentalP @PhilFoden No need to be bitter because we are better. Keep your negativity to yourself. Why are Irish people so quick to Hate on Engand but support English teams like Liverpool and United. Where will Ireland make it this Euros? #moneymotivated Passive Fire Protection Specialist Contact for all you passive fire protection enquires. London and All southern Counties.
TartanTory @nealerichmond The UK is doing what needs to be done because in the middle of a pandemic the EU would rather see food and medicine shortages in NI than compromise. If the EU punish the UK with tariffs how and where will Ireland collect those tariffs for the EU?
_NicoleBurke_ Kildare, Ireland "The data on this is clear. Young people in Ireland are profoundly unhappy, and there is no mystery behind the manifold reasons." Bravo @TVsCarlKinsella 👏 When will Ireland stop being like this Carlow College, St. Pat's alumna. Gender & Women's Studies at TCD. Animal-lover & art appreciator (she/her) Writing on neoliberalism & the Irish care crisis
CovidEreDys @MichealMartinTD, Will Ireland's government cover #LongCovid costs for men? Link to article 1: Link to article 2: #COVID19Ireland
AnneCronin5 Limerick ‘Cronyism undermines every major public spending project that we put out to tender. We overpay and we overpay and we get crap in return. And that’s to say nothing of social problems’ - echoing how many of us feel. When will Ireland stop being like this Urbanism | Feminism | Inclusion Health | Housing | ACTIVIST | Chair Lmk Labour🌹| @limerickcycling @cyclingbuslmk | MPH @UL | #TogetherforSafety #WeNeedSpace
paulduanefilm This is an angry and truthful piece of writing that sums up where Ireland is right now. It’s not pretty. New account. Previously @MrPaulDuane. Once described by a guy on Instagram as a “blithering nonsense fountain.” I make films & have opinions. He/him.
shaneheneghan Brussels, Belgium If the toughest covid lockdown in the western world doesn't cause economic collapse in Ireland, the youth exodus caused by the housing crisis (and exacerbated by rising health and education costs) will. Ireland is headed back to the 1950s. Irishman 🇮🇪 living on the mainland. 🇪🇺 Senior Consultant at @logos_pa. All views are my own- but you can borrow them.
Irishchutzpah Ireland 🇮🇪 And will Ireland @dfatirl through @Irish_Aid and the EU do the same? If so there should be recourse through the courts for aiding and abetting terrorism. Proud #Irish 🇮🇪 #Jew no tolerance for anti #LGBTI fighting #JewHate, Holocaust Revision, list = block 💙 Baila Sara Bat Leah
AzulBlanco111 Will Ireland lead the way for other countries worldwide in Cannabis legalisation? #LegaliseCannabisIreland #LegaliseCannabisGlobal They would under a People Before Profit Government @Pb4p Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have played politics with this issue for far too long @Pb4p
JoeM395 I never come away from reading ⁦@TVsCarlKinsella’s work without the feeling that he managed to capture about a thousand hurt and angry parts of me and to express them better than I ever could. Formerly PPES, TCD || Network Manager @ToothpicApp || 25 || He/Him || Opinions principally rehashed from others
DanTMadden If I was a cynical man I would suggest it was orchestrated to deflect from Leo promising and getting tax cuts to million euro homes. Or maybe not taxing MS's billions in profits. Interested in everything and taking slow steps to world domination. he/him
TheRungler Scotland. @SkyNews Will it prevent use of BEPS schemes tho and will Ireland comply as part of EU? Can’t align to any current political party. Want Health, Education, Social and Environmental services governed apolitically by experts rather than politicians.
tony_schofield South Tyneside @_Soilleir_ @Keir_Starmer I’ve just read the agreed tax rate is 15%. Whilst disagreeing with the principle I can’t complain about that rate. But.... will Ireland now raise their rate to that level and if they don’t, what next? Distributor of medicines and amateur musician. Clandestine Chemist!
LeBonTravel Chicago Globalization at work! If all countries tax 15% corporations will not save on taxes by moving out of US, UK and other high tax countries! Will Ireland, which taxes corporations at 12.5%, go along? Le Bon Travel & Culture focuses on cultural tourism: opera, theater, art, books, music, movies, food and wine.
WormAlfie South East, England @UnityNewsNet No, it's something the UK and other have been calling for, for a long time. What will Ireland do? I gift my lady roses, so that she may give me the thorns.
Independent_ie Dublin Will Ireland really be at a point in September where 70,000 strangers can rub shoulders? For now, social distancing would seem to be key, writes Ed Power is Ireland's most read news website providing breaking news content to 13 million readers a month. Get in touch:
shamgar0 @ecneerual @stephenfry When will Ireland be liberated and returned to the British Same logic right
Cryptonoobtard The internets @LeoVaradkar could Dublin ever be a startup city? How about Limerick or Cork? Or will Ireland (EU) continue to over-regulate and stifle innovation? Bitcoin is our best hope for the future “People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”
Independent_ie Dublin Will Ireland really be at a point at Electric Picnic in September where 70,000 strangers can rub shoulders? is Ireland's most read news website providing breaking news content to 13 million readers a month. Get in touch:
PaulDowling17 @brophytalks when will Ireland stop forcing Irish expats with the Sinopharm vaccines and homes in Ireland into MHQ? I can travel from Iran and not have to MHQ but if I travel from the UAE (with 50% of the population vaccinated) I have to MHQ. Crazy. #irelandMHQ
officialhowzat Will Ireland level the series? Create your #Howzat team now and win cash: #NedvsIre #Cricket #Howzat Ab Saara India Team Banaega! Play with the Legends only on Howzat and win 5X Cash! Social Support: 10AM to 7PM
JohnnyMercerUK Plymouth Today I caught up with Dennis. His health has deteriorated - he has requested an earlier trial in Northern Ireland. He doesn’t want this hanging over his family when he’s gone. I will go to Belfast and support him. A shameful way to repay his service to our Nation. @BorisJohnson Father of three; husband of 1. Believer in change; Follow if you think #plymouthdeservesbetter Member of Parliament for Plymouth Moor View
tconnellyRTE Brussels • Rome NEW: The EU will take a measured response to any further unilateral moves by the UK to delay implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol, with senior officials signalling a staggered approach to legal action and arbitration, @rtenews understands. RTE Europe Editor, Author Brexit & Ireland, co-presenter Brexit Republic Podcast
DeptofFHed We want Ireland to be a world leader in research and innovation – but we can only do this with your help. That’s why @SimonHarrisTD today launched a public consultation which will steer our strategy for years to come. Have your say by July 9th. #research Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science
DonegalAnn Ireland @JohnnyWardFan Even though Copper face Jack's the musical didn't make the top 30 of Ireland's favourite Musical's, to me Copper face Jack's the musical has been and always will be No.1 musical of all time..! Hopefully Copper face Jack's the musical returns to the Olympia theatre this year....! I am a Fair City soap fan and I support Celtic. I like Elvis and All old time Music.
Helinhandbasket Dublin @alanGbrereton @LeoVaradkar @RecovAIRie @MichealMartinTD @DonnellyStephen @EamonRyan @1Hildegarde Another link to Europe cut. Ireland will go back to being that strange, backward little island we were in the 1950s. Instead of McQuaid and Dev, we now have FFFGG, and the cult of NPHET. Poking people with sharp sticks since 1970. All opinions my own.
gawanorniron Mr Raab told BBC Radio 4: “The E.U. can be more pragmatic about the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol in a way that is win-win or they can be bloody-minded and purist about it, in which case I am afraid we will not allow the integrity of the UK to be threatened." Born on the solid ground of County Down. Lit up by the same sense of wonder as C.S. Lewis and Van Morrison in the Castlereagh hills and the Cregagh glens.
foxycastles The Coast of Coromandel @kelvmackenzie @elibo_17 Divide and rule. The aggressive tricks deployed by EU sulkies will be their downfall. We are responsible for the well being of Northern Ireland NOT the EU. Withhold payments till they stop inflicting pain on our citizens Ex Horse breeder/trainer farmer gardener and now Artist:ArchAngelMichael. commissions now. Humour is All. We are All One with our God. I block trolls
hanrahf @sinnfeinireland @loreillysf @SaturdayRTE @RTERadio1 Will she address all the aviation workers who lost their jobs today, considering she and @sinnfeinireland have called for stricter restrictions and MHQ for all travellers into Ireland while ignoring the 500km open border with NI. Wake up people, @sinnfeinireland flip/flop
SirKeithOD Southern Ireland........ @CharlesKeegan @BothaBoy @gavreilly Fully agree. But its no secret the ruling parties in Irish politics are fully aligned with big business. They openly kiss their arses, knowing the gombeens of Ireland will happily voted them back into power time and again. We are literally reaping what we've sown 🤷 Dirty shinnerbot. Proud Eirelander. #Bitcoin
Bryan4265901 England, United Kingdom @BerylTu52888375 @johnredwood We have to battle on, those poor people in Ireland will be victimised if we leave them to fight their corner. We know BORIS WILL PUT UP ONE HELL OF A FIGHT. But you know there are more ways of killing a rat and we will use them. That little snot has to be taught a lesson. British forces veteran 🇬🇧proud of my Queen and country🇬🇧♿️
sacchir Fukuoka pref., Japan Japan will be heading to Scotland, preparing for the match vs B&I and Ireland XV. Wish 🇯🇵🏉 all the best!! 🙏🤞 #rugbyjp Live like someone left a gate open :) スポーツ(ラグビー、アルペン、テニス他)、音楽、たまに医療、福岡、鷹の爪、雑談 #JPNese #MD
tanksaminion Wurunjeri Country @NeilEastell @Independent LOL - Another Brexiter who has no clue. He feels Irish. Rest assured, he will put Ireland ahead of Brexit every time. Btw, the GFA and Northern Ireland Protocol (if you have heard of them) are international agreements. They will not be changed. #BrexitShambles The name is the excuse made for racism by Australia's ABC. Seeking the truth. #istandwithBrittany #racismstopswithme #murdochroyalcommission #federalicacnow
RebelDublin Dublin City, Ireland If You Had An Egg: Temperatures are on the rise this weekend📈 UV levels will be high in ☀️ so be #SunSmart Here's an idea of the highest temperatures across Ireland each day 👇🏽 — Met Éireann… Discover all about our beloved Dublin from Ireland's history to tourist attractions... humorously. Use the Hashtag #RebelDublin
logic_someone Dublin The news that Ireland refused to host the EURO championship was discussed yesterday in Italy. The shock was at a high level and the question was "why". @MichealMartinTD @DonnellyStephen The economic impact of stupidity will be the only UNPRECEDENTED event. National Tour Guide, Business owner, Runner. #endMHQ #RecoverIrishAviation #endlockdown
LadiesFootball Ireland 💻Here's your dedicated area for the 7 FREE games that will be live-streamed from the @lidl_ireland NFL today and tomorrow 🏐 🗒️Weekend team sheets 👉 ❓Need help/support❓ #SeriousSupport Ladies Gaelic Football is one of the fastest growing sports in the country and internationally. All news, views, pics and videos available here.
IrishMirror Dublin The sunny spells will return this weekend and parts of the country are set to be scorched with 26C heat Official home of the Irish Daily Mirror on Twitter - the latest news, sport and celebrity gossip. Also on Facebook
NICentenary2021 Northern Ireland The EU and Irish Government risk the peace process and Good Friday Agreement over the non existent risk of an ROI shopper buying GB produce in a NI supermarket. Somehow they claim Single Market will collapse. It has been happening now for 6 months. Unionist.
exileddub Ireland @johnlandseer1 @ColdChainShane But that is politically unacceptable to Ireland and to Nationalists in NI. We hear about unionist unhappiness all the time with the Protocol, but is anyone considering how Republicans will react if another British hard border is imposed on Ireland by decisions made in London?
arabshedboy Monifieth, Scotland And yet, despite this treachery, a fair section of the population of Northern Ireland will still be only too happy to refer to themselves as Unionists. And we can say the same for Scotland. A passion for Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and all things tangerine and black. 🧡🖤 Internazionale 💙🖤Golf 🏌🏻‍♂️MLB/NY Yankees. EU citizen. History teacher.
boggleabout @Trump_ton Building back in Ireland and I am in the area and now I’m looking for the info for this week so hopefully it will be better to get there soon and hopefully it will be a great time to have you a great cast on your new job for your life in the new year of life in your own way to Beer, Brexit (against), Beara, CTID. now a sort-of Brefugee, having made the move to Ireland... 🇮🇪