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windycityiggy C-H-I-C-A-G-O @EntitledLibtard @_LoveMTB_ @katescattergood @kathrynw5 What is he wrong about? He said they are experimental and that is true. This is a power grab. By big pharma but you only kinda agree with that for some reason. Who decides authority is right? Don’t I have free will to make my own decision about my own body? 💎 Sharp Gambler 💎 Content shared @SBNation, @Guardian, @Sportsblog, @RantSports, etc. Hustle beats talent when talent doesn't hustle.
redwolftrash hell, usa (9th circle?) @AlreadyPro what's wrong with not wanting to associate with people who'd gladly k!ll me if i so much as entered their sight again? because last time i checked, i have free will and can choose not to associate with people who want me dead as guaranteed by my country's governmental laws. stayed on twt after i almost got mass reported on instagram by a group of rac!st girls on a hate campaign against me. i am a femboy (notice the boy)
wmdavid66 Cleveland, Ohio @devilslake79 @dmansworld474 @Mets He has free will. I have free will to dislike it and I have free will to enjoy his .163 batting average
SplinterSimba Quarenteen @1stthes521 @RunIn2TheSky @brad_feinman @ChadCottle @Jandrewgot9 @imkimaaron @jools6691 @AtheistGunner @Friendof_Darwin @TJMair @wiguy45 @JaTapps @Melanie33720945 @ThinkyTexan @TheGod_Particle @NuckChorris16 @WmManry @CivilLost @svensrevenge @Tsunami_64 @Catheri77148739 @DrLazerKitty @mirandahasrisen @th1rt3en_TM @LustfulLiberal @AtlanticCanuck @IngridIngwah @KerridwinR @Chrono52 @CharlesHenryLe3 @domenictiso4 @RossGilroy @wisemanryder @RealAnonDouche @NickSoutter @AprilLigeia @InTimeShow @debbiepalm44 @AtheistWombat @AnthonyT2_Mufc @RealRaviolius @gimmesomeloki @SlsStudios @Dylon59556561 @NoScienceDenial @DeanPHanley @SariellaHerself @MrAnder09064048 @ShadeyShroomy @Janetb172 Well that’s counter productive of itself. God can’t have a plan for me and I have free will. He’s either in control or it isn’t. Or far more logically. There’s fork all there to worry about #father #uncle #secular #humanist Proud Dad of 1, Uncle to 2. Partial to puns. footballer for rothwell Corinthians vets
beowulf888 hiding out in the Twittervese @ChuChaiChu @EssentialPhilo1 11/ As for me, I KNOW I have free will, and I can use it within the constraints of my environment, my situation, my intelligence, and my creativity. But my free will is bounded by these variables. And I think the question is sort of stupid because it's all unprovable opinion. A general curmudgeon and rabble rouser
zabarini PNW @seanhannity I honestly just laugh and go about my day. Not sure who these Politicians think they are, but I have free will and will honor it~! Don't dance.. I'm going to dance my way into my Doctor appointment, maybe sing too! 5th Generation Oregonian #IamBrave~Warrior~Lover of Life and Family~Survivor God First~Believer in Miracles~Strongest limb of my Tree
genxmex Minnesota @Miller_Simul Minnesota and I have free will Being half white and half Mexican is tough. My white side is always trying to deport my Mexican side. I struggle every day to not oppress myself. #Hispanx
maddyespy None of your business sometimes I remember that I have free will and can literally just get up and leave to go do whatever I want, including things that are entirely out of pocket mad scientist & public nuisance🌹🌵✨🌽 21 | they/she (o elle/ella a mis hispanohablantes)
greg_travis @Marco_Piani It's an attitude and not reflective of actual status If I believe I have free will (when I don't) I will joyfully fault others for not exercising theirs “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket.” Healthcare patient experience expert. Technology writer. Pilot and airplane owner. Cybersecurity Guy. Airborne Animal Rescue. Widower and SuperDad.
1RedDevil2 Here. Where ever that maybe @s8nstan Wtf not yet time for me bed. Don’t be telling me when I have to go your not me parents😈🤭 I have free will and will go when I am ready. 😈😈😈😁 The mayhem of demons is nothing compared to the treachery of angels! Just visiting this round planet you flat earthers and hollow earthers are crazy!
Eugene_Hetzel Palm Springs, CA @mtaibbi I can take free pens from a booth at a fair and walk away. Free pen. Which is to say they had failed to get me to do what they wanted. Because I have free will. This is a tempest in a Russian Tea Room Pot. Sorry, had to. /s Writer, thinker, doer. Author of Agent Doppelganger series.
alexaplayiliwys 24 | she/her no fr because my bf just turned 23 and still has to lie/hide crap from his mom idk how people live like that i hate my mom but at least i have free will damn 🤕 🚫 minors dnf | 🚫 fatspo/fatphobic dni | tw: ed, edtwt, vent/rant | i hit follow limit read pinned :(
sorrymo04516737 @Sio_Syo nah i watch it cuz its entertaining and i know that i will never be 600 lbs, i have free will over what i think and it would be so forked if everytime i looked at a fat person i used the as fatspo cherry
Keith040856 @catvaxlax @IainMulady @djbradshaw64 @StopDys @AdamGer13430857 @DammitJean @SwaledaleMutton @Aw_what @PierreKory @DavidSmithwick @BottomleyFiona I have free will and an ability to assess risk. I don’t follow the herd as you do, I make my own choices. Ivermectin saves lives, why is the government reluctant to approve it? .
STEVETA12083651 CALIFORNIA @themicheniche My prayers for you and her...I've learned after many ups downs...losses...I have no idea what the Universe has planned for me...lives before this one...lives after this one...and above all: I have free will -- no matter what comes my way JOURNALIST-WRITER-SCREENWRITER-INDIE FILMMAKER...DIEHARD DEM LIB PROG...ARMY VET COLLEGE GRAD
rbe_expert @CptJinglePants @Duopolyinc Stochastic probability doesn't give you free will either. It looks like you've decided "I have free will" for some reason, and then you're grasping for ways in which that could be true, rather than the other way around: starting with what we know from science & making conclusions Everyone else is a you, that's the moral revolution. #RankedChoiceVoting #LeftSystem #BlamePhysicsNotVictims #GreenNewDeal #MedicareForAll
Derek83412755 After seeing what happy and preppy people look like, I don’t think I want to be happy. If I have free will, why can’t I kill myself? The value of your life is worth at least $1,200. Build suicide booths. It’d be a booming business after knowing life is a shame for the lower class I’m so happy and go lucky that lucky and happy people beat me up due to jealousy.
oli_tomlinson96 United Kingdom @Jamie_and_TDC I think there's a difference between will and ability. I have free will to fly like super man but I lack the ability to do so. I'm not well researched in this area but that's my two cents on it.
wclkingmusical 24 | bi | autistic | she/her I have free will turned on and I’ve just been fast forwarding through the game but my sim just won’t look after herself. Why do I have to tell her to eat, sleep and pee? More than anything, Ronnie, I just want you to be happy.
30Kelsc @ryantho37094302 @FrankCh88568650 @Slov819 @wjousts @JimRenacci I appreciate his service as well.... and was under the impression that when serving you are serving to defend and protect our liberties and freedoms home and abroad. So like you I’m surprised he feels he has the right to usurp my freedom to choose- I have free will NO DMs- IT WILL GET YOU BLOCKED. Proud #nevervaxxer 💉 #nevermasker 😷 #neverpoliticallycorrect #NOPRONOUNS #youareeitherwithusoragainstus 🇺🇸🇺🇸 #MAGA
seekthejoypod Los Angeles, CA "Being taught and seeing uncertainty modeled can help us understand that the illusion of control isn’t good enough, it’s the realization that I never really have control but what I do have is I have free will, and that is within my control." - Vrin Rao✨ 🚀✨ joy | connection | wellness | spirituality 💥 ft. on @buzzfeed +“Best Podcast” @newmediaFF “Finalist” People’s Choice @discover_pods 🎙 by @sydneyaweiss ✰
haydgehog VØĮĐ Sometimes i forget i have free will and can do whatever i want Hayden or hedge or hog i dont mind 19 y/o gay trying his best. He/Him fae/faer BLM🦔ACAB🦔 Proshippers dni🦔 pls dont be creepy🦔
xohiatus Baltimore, MD if i take my own hand, and i turn it against myself does it mean i have free will? 18+ NSFW-fork YOU PAY ME 🖤👅 Im basically tommy lee without motley crue.
celebrityradio Nottingham, England I will be back tonight @YouTube 🇬🇧 #1 mass debate returns... Free Speech isn’t free & doesn’t exist, human & civil rights have been scrapped - but - we continue to fight for common sense, call out BS and be The Voice Of Reason in an ever more ludicrous & hypocritical world 🌍 🇬🇧 BIGGEST LIVE🎙Debate 📻 1B+ Mins YouTube | LIVE Wed & Sun 9pm | 290K Subs👏BBC Whistleblower & Bastion Of Common Sense 🙏Support: PayPal ‘FreeSpeechUK’
AlistairBegg Cleveland Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." (Hebrews 13:5 ESV) The Bible-teaching ministry of Alistair Begg. (Alistair does not personally tweet. Content identical to @TruthForLife)
ANI India I've ordered 200 oxygen concentrators and will distribute them among people for free. It will start tomorrow. People have to bring doctor's prescription and patient's oxygen level details to get oxygen concentrators: BJP MP from East Delhi, Gautam Gambhir Asian News International. Multi-media news agency, content for information platforms: TV, Internet, broadband, newspapers, mobiles
fat_brownie Final tweet @DustyDvoracek today. I LOVE #CFB. When we have NIL and free transfer rule, I’ll be out. No season tickets and no watching. It will no longer be CFB. Faith, Sports, Leadership, Business, Outdoors, Fun
HashimShubbar United Kingdom @androolloyd @MikeAbundo Sure thing. I am still building products with the assumption ETH2 will give us the experience we all want. If not, users will have other options and they are free to choose which network they want to use. Developing deep generative models. Currently building something new #UE4 #NFT
monuaggerwal8 #LATOKEN Nice Project 👍👍 I have earned $2.6 of 8 Airdrops till now by Latoken and will receive many other Airdrops. Its very Nice and cool Project. Thanks.. Hey, get 100 FESS tokens and spread great technology. It’s free, very easy, and powerful.
PygmyTitan Dallas, TX @DoctorFlip Selfishly, I think I will subscribe to Boomerang once our little infant is old enough to watch tv. We have Disney+ $DIS and Discovery+ $DISCA for free through Verizon $VZ which is just awesome. I am a photographer. Liverpool fanatic.
TheOriginalCra3 fork Off @benshapiro With all these corporations, and local governments offering things from free beer to savings bonds if you get the jab, I will NOT be getting it! I have NEVER seen them push so hard for something, and the red flags are popping up everywhere! Not even 9/11 , caused this much BS! Critical thinker, Father, Bi-Centennial Patriot, The One who knocks! Cheeky Bastard
cantbuyuclass Vermont, USA I will not be friends with women who are still imprisoned - I need to seek out free bitches and those who have seen the light. I deserve quality friends who have self esteem and self respect. I deserve a world free from men without women sneaking them in. I deserve FREEDOM ❤️❤️❤️ anything you can do, I can do better
minthejoo ENGLISHㅤ╱ㅤNDㅤ╱ㅤCODE : Belle @sonwennie I can tell we will get along very well as a sissy 😛 later when we finally have free time, let's bake cookies and blueberry cheesecakes then! I can't wait to finally make them 😻 She was the white amongst the colourful, basic yet classic.
Winniethepoe21 @ryankberry04 @agentcurieuse @AsYouNotWish Trump will have his own online platform so you people can talk among yourselves. Then when we go there, will we be afforded the same free speech you seem to preach. I have a guess, how it will go. Criticize the dear leader, and you will be censored or lose the account. He/Him #BLM #Progressive
thebrekkcr Because she is my blind spot, my open wound, the most fatal of all my flaws and faults and failures—and I would follow her anywhere. someday... someday... darklina nikolina wesper and kanej still have me in a chokehold but someday i will be Free cr well of ascension (18 they/them)
chichooyaa___ ACTME™ 🍁 was : hanjlji54 @Rosevoire Yes I'll do it if i have more free time then i will lock him on my room and he should listen to me ㅋㅋㅋ ✨ life like there's no tomorrow✨ • Just a Fake • BLACKPINK Goddess Visual and Vocalist Kim Jisoo 김지수 • Singer and Actress • Next Project : Snowdrop
BOOTIEJOON @jkversee My dad hates the idea of me wearing wigs/weaves but braids are okay and also hates when I wear anything fake like lashes and acrylics because he believes that a man I date would rather have someone who is natural. I nearly cursed him out but my mom did it for me. I’m a free will! I’m here to avoid friends on Facebook ✊🏾 🇨🇮 she/her/hers ~I’m that African-American who is 25 and is aging like fine wine~
dazaikjd sekai I have been there for all exo members enlistment and I am still here....I will never be free just kjd and dazai
Alpine_Glacier "Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So we can confidently say: “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?”" - Hebrews 13:5,6 - Christian | Physical Geography | Theology | Photography | Landscape & Nature lover | Hiker | Non-conformist | Ecomodernist | -SOLI DEO GLORIA-
princessmumee If you're wise enough you will understand that my tweets was for both shippers and brand builders over who does more than who. Don't bring your madness on my tl because I wont let you go scot free. I have really been respecting everyone on this app. If you like say FI Stubborn hearted child😉 God's favourite daughter 💓💓 Hon.NENGI'S ELDER SISTER FROM GHANA 🇬🇭🇬🇭 Proud OZONE SHIPPER💯💓
PenegalLTFC UK I’ll stick my neck out and say most people do actually have one, if not two. Plus the new ID cards will be free. But other than that, nice one. Luton Town, New York Jets, FC Porto. Level five laser lotus.
ruth_hw Birmingham, England @HRMcCabe @EmmaKEdDev It will (probably) be at Christ Church. Not sure yet about all the details, but I'll keep you posted. And we should find a time to meet up soon anyway - it's been soooooo long! Once I know when I'm moving, I'll have some idea of which bits of June I'll be free. C of E ordinand (trainee priest). Co-author of #BeingInterrupted (SCM, 2020). Feminist, progressive, charismatic, catholic. Always learning. I wonder...
GKiekens KU Leuven, Belgium @EikoFried No. I would add in the IC a statement that students are free to decide not to take part in the study and that the decision about whether or not to participate will have no educational consequences. Excluding them (i.e., the IRB is deciding for them) is equally unethical. Psychologist (PhD) | Self-Injury Researcher @KU_Leuven | @ccp_leuven Claeslab | Funded by @FWOVlaanderen | #NSSI #Stats #ESM #EMI #digital_tools | Tweets my own
commander90254 @AmericannMan @DJazzerone You have 14.1 thousand followers. Twitter eliminates mine. I barely have 2 k. Im in this to spread and support conservative opinion and comradery and likemindedness. To keep free thought and free expression alive. To keep God's Will alive. My reason for Following or Followers. Politically conservative. 4 Trump🇺🇸👍. I'm heterosexual. Be 18. I curse sometimes. I have a sarcastic sense of humor. Army Strong. Digital currency sucks!
ClaireSISRA Northamptonshire 72 people have attended our free @SISRAAnalytics Data Collaboration webinars over the past two days. @SandraSISRA and I will be delivering the final one tomorrow at 2pm. If you'd like to come along, you can book a place here Head of Consultancy at SISRA - now part of the @JuniperEd Secondary Software division. Mum, wife, safeguarding governor and musician in no particular order!
ThePamelaKuma New York, USA @Yosha7 @sallylongarm @booksamillion I will. I am a free American anduke I said, People buy as many as you want. I have 3 and about to buy 10 soon to donate. My life, my thoughts, my decisions, money, and choice. Live with it. Executive producer/host of The My Take Show, @ewreaxtions, @factsand2cents blogs & shows posted on YouTube A staunch Sussexsquad
luvman33wife North Carolina, USA Living rent free in The House GOP! New fundraiser will contain a photo of Liz Cheney. I’ve never seen a political party so chicken crap that they have to demonize everything that isn’t WHITE OR MALE! The @GOP is a disgrace to constituents and the constitution We had to overcome gerrymandering and the USPS. WE DID IT AND DEMOCRACY WON! President Biden and (Queen) VP Kamala ❤️Attending NCA&T best HBCU in country!
girl1_texas @biveselov You know I do ascribe to a religion but not religiosity. I have deep faith but a healthy skepticism of the human factor. As a follower of Christ, I am steadfastly on the side of free choice and oppose any religion that interferes with a person's free will. Christian, Constitutionalis, Former FSO, Ph.D
jjsngchn renjun’s This is the pricelist for tomorrow’s claim at 10pm! I will drop the form at 9:55 and only submit it at 10:00. Reminder again, postage will be done after raya. goodluck everyone~ if you have any questions, feel free to dm me🙆🏻‍♀️ 🇲🇾 14, she/her || 🦊’s collector
nised72 Treasure Coast, Florida, USA @VoLinxx I want to have faith that this man will never be free again. DOJ planned to arrest Derek Chauvin in court and charge him with civil-rights violations if he was acquitted of murder Resister, fighter for equality for all. Dog mom fighting with all moms