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TelmoFranco4 @ABC38503156 @JekaSVodkoy @KyivIndependent Like you any better, do i look like i care about propaganda. I express my opinion if it's different that yours go cry to your mother i have free will and speach so can care less It's me😎
SteveTiger999 Philadelphia, PA @onlyredherrings I believe that I have being (i.e., that I exist) and that I have free will. Is that belief false? Author, "Doctrine Impossible." Retired medical writer; vegan, ailurophile, secularist, politically eclectic. #animalrights, #classicalmusic. NO LISTS.
KayisDivine Murrrrland God has a plan and I have free will… I’m guessing that’s how it always goes. ♍️ Virgo ✊🏽Womanist 🪬🧚🏽‍♀️ Spiritual Angel 🖤💜Ravens 🍃 Weed ✨🧚🏽‍♀️ Divine Fem 🧼💎 @Pinkcrushsoaps CEO 📸 IG: Kahn.Nichelle
X_Anon_OP_1 I'm not the righteous human I sometimes feel like, but cocaine makes me feel crap. I guess when I sniff cocaine I get faith/deluded and I feel like the future will just work itself out the right way. But if that car 'accident' taught me anything, it's that I have free will... and I'm a billionaire baby
SEVENTEEN76777 @elohimtribe 671 Jason I Am Sorry I Have Free Will And I Do Not Like To Be Attacked And Insulte COVFEFE POLICE 💀 My name. 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊 TELEGRAM 👇🍿
DingBangFook Top of the World @Emilio2763 @Blade___McG The more people you meet and interact with the less you'll feel this way. I have free will to interact with whomever I like and haven't met a NPC yet. Human contact is so important and modern technology and drug abuse is destroying opportunitys for that. Empathy, Humanity, Nurture
NerkBuckeye Behind SEC Enemy Lines - ATL @inthallidjent @FamedCelebrity God is all powerful and all knowing and I have free will. You go ahead and believe what you want. I won’t stop you, because, well you know, I have no choice. TRUMP WON, Christian, Patriot, NRA Lifetime member. Pronouns: Up/Yours. BIG 10 degrees - B.S. - Logistics / MBA. Downstream oil industry-GO BUCKEYES!
DOOMbotMask @Solanamags @DeGodsNFT @_Urkann I have free will, I know where the door is. I'm capable of getting up and walking away whenever it makes sense and scooping up a solid profit. So why should I make that play? Seriously asking - because if that's your conviction and this is the top, then I should get out :) BTC minimalist, utility/NFT maxi. I write long threads here on Twitter, and even more words at
Bashir_Sani94 Kano, Nigeria @Delvis234 And how's that a problem. I have free will don't i. You said the others are liars too & I didn't stop u. Likewise if I choose to criticize obi, u can't stop it. A Muslim, true son of Arewa & proud Nigerian 🇳🇬 B.A International Studies. Masters in Public Policy & Administration #Kwankwasiyya 🔴
nzvzed Toronto, ON My life, my experiences, my memories, my soul, my body, my mind is all in the hands of the Divine. I have free will to think and to be, what I have done already is history and what I will do is still destined to be. This is my legacy. We move as water at the speed of lightning, there is nothing we fear except God. NXNJA
BasedUtena 1312 Gender Dissolution Avenue I do not have, and have never had, rats within my brain. They do not control my every action. They do not make me muse on whether I have free will or if my actions are determined for their sick voyeuristic amusement. they are benevolent. they do not exist bedfan. they
Sustainlivelife Peterborough "Ask a Philosopher". Philosophy is about those tricky questions. Should life have meaning? Do I have free will? And so much more. Just rock up and and ask Today and the 20th @PboroWhatsOn @peterboroughtel Philosophy, Engineering, Gardening
add_quip_here Living on Darkinjung Lands @epearso1 @Tim22568198 @PolySciCal @LilaGraceRose Nice to know I have free will and choice about something as a woman “They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it's not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance.” Terry Pratchett
NinthParagon Station, Wild Space @ChuckWendig and if you agree okay. if not, okay, too. I have free will and I will not impose mine. theres no point. :) Im just a nerdy guy in a ****ed up, indifferent universe. thats okay, I have coffee!
AndrewCull6 @SRevelare It feels as though I have free will and that is enough for me. I recognise that there are arguments against the position but prefer to accept responsibility for my actions Sceptic, grandparent, reader, retired medic and bumbling Bridge-player. personal views
UR0qq @petepango @answersinreason I meant that most people don't actively think about these things. A majority has probably never taken the time to attempt to deconstruct their own psychology in this way, wouldn't you say!? "I am a person, I have free will, and I control my body" would be the consensus, no!? As I've stated earlier, I never repeat myself
JimeeLiberty Canada @SkepticalMutant @Mr_Magoo5 @ShockTraumaRN @JamesLynchGTC @whykeepitup @LaurenF56789 @andylumm @CarlitoNido @anxiety_korma @willywo06261169 @LifeAfterWEF @FvckYourFear @krebiozen @JonathanHannah @AndrewLazarus4 @JuliaHadley15 @The_Seeadler @MsTrixter @FillmoreWhite @AngryFleas @mcfunny @DrGeniusGino @TonyBaduy @JuneCacao @BreezerGalway @RsprtryTracked @Willard1951 @PremierImproves @Turrialba27 @Jaytee116James @richykirsh @ghoppe @reacharoundu @doom37455413 @mpc_xetts @Amber84280581 @CaeJak @djchicus @WalterTAllen @Dominos20076133 @carlsmythe @FoolanderWorld @chimera414 @fadgesniffer @nuhope2022 @Alex_on_A14 @paramaniac9 @Theonew16516042 I never lie and furthermore, I take responsibility for my own thoughts and I don't blame others for "misleading" me. Say what you believe and I will use my own judgement whether it makes sense. You can't "mislead" me. I have free will. As does everyone else. Trying hard every day to be a little less wrong. Free Markets and Free Minds
BengalsDawg Ohio, USA @CIgnarski @JamesWa12005740 @JaMarrJungle @SNFonNBC You do realize I have free will, right? Like I still could’ve chosen not to cheer for the Bengals. I live near Cincy and I’ve always loved their players. I’m not fanboying for Watt. You just can’t get past your hatred of Pittsburg. He’s an absolute beast like his brothers
stoIenbases I was just having this argument with my dad because he was annoyed none of us go to church anymore… and I’m sorry I just disassociated every time so why would I go back now that I have free will 😵‍💫 yocelyn
AVindman Northern Virginia I’ve been to Bucha and Irpin and seen the evidence of Russia’s atrocities firsthand. So many homes, schools, and hospitals destroyed and civilians murdered just to terrorize the population. But the people of Ukraine have an indomitable spirit and will to live as a free people. Husband to @natsechobbyist. Vet. NYT Best-selling Author. Ex NSC/ WH Staffer. Advisor @votevets. Pritzker Fellow, Lawfare. Doctorate JHU 22'. #HereRightMatters
MayorBMScott Baltimore Baltimore, save the date! This Saturday @bmorechildren and I will be holding our annual Back to School Backpack Giveaway. We have a lot in store for our young people and their families. FREE Backpacks and School Supplies FREE Entertainment FREE Food & Much More 52nd Mayor of Baltimore. Working to end gun violence and build an equitable city. Authority: People for Brandon M. Scott, Leland Shelton Treasurer
tonyposnanski HUGE ART MOOD!!! DM me if interested in any. All art is original and limited and I will add a bonus (extra art or sports cards), a follow, and free shipping. Message me if interested and let’s have some fun! Artist, author, father. Subscribe to my newsletter for free
payno_edits she | her : 22 : ziam 1D contracts are ending for sure and will have way more interactions together between boys, they’ll be free to use 1D songs, videos etc.. I hope they’ll be happy and free finally 🤍 here’s to the future → 1993 club
Aileen09101 Republic of the Philippines @anjitagsteam @anjisalvacion I pray for you to be healthy and fit. This day is an opportunistic one, and it will be a good and free day because you will make it one. I have faith in you. Good Morning! ii Anji Salvacion #AnjiSalvacion || @anjisalvacion iKONICs (YG Stan) & Solid Anji
iamlight33 should I listen to other's? Yes and no. You should listen, but you do as your heart directs. You have free will 33, face the fear and find the path
SoccerDaD014 @StephenRoche100 @snaphookgolfuk @Daniel_Rapaport They have come down every exhibition from London to Portland to NY......Not gonna get better unless more free tickets and free beer. Then I will go too....... Truther..Lie and I will come for you
hindgabe South East, England Look at me you know I’m just what you have been wanting All this healthy eating you can afford to dip into the depths of your desires It’s just this once Come on try it, vegan gluten free, yes there’s sugar and chocolate mmm the cream is not vegen you will love it Sensitive, hard hitting can be temperamental and creative
MoGalore Global I have fallen in love with the imagination. And if you fall in love with the imagination, you understand that it is a free spirit. It will go anywhere and it can do anything. Alice Walker We promote #authors & #books & we do #VELLA Promos We 💖 Freebie Books! #Free #Cheap #Kindle #Kobo #Nook #ebooks #amreading #amwriting #bookpromo 📚 AMZ Affili.
CryptoaaService Here I'm gonna use the free trial on crunchbase for a few days and see what I can find worth diving into. The companies will have a lot more important information here!! Honest opinions on NFT & DeFi projects | Giveaways | Educational Crypto Threads | Community Manager for The Crypto Tickets
deanotheman Wales. @QL611 It then becomes not "your" choice but also their cry "I want free choice" but "you" can't and will never have free choice... European not EU. Married to a immigrant so put your racist card back into your pocket.
FrigsyNFT @Hunger4Crypto sorry boss, I won't be sending any free coins to anyone, they will only dump and I'm going to let you guys play around with this one and let you decide what it does. I put 10 algo into initial liq, so like I said..... have fun!!! 🥳🍻 NFT and reward token project coming soon to #Algorand. Follow me or I will have sexual relations with your oldest living relative.
libertascasii2 I love my hairdresser w all my heart I swear. I told her this will probably be my last appt before baby comes so she gave me a free hair treatment and the most incredible head AND neck massage. if you have a good hairdresser, never take them for granted anarchy. backyard farmer🐔🌿 LVT🐾
StillUTD United Kingdom @bald_tactics Yup people will complain either way. I would have reluctantly taken rabiot but not for silly wages and I'm happy for the club not to pay 18m for a player juve were trying to get rid off for free Manchester United & FPL chat. Fan since 86 concentrating on post Fergie years cos the past is the past.
mohamed40545106 @thejuventina Arthur will not stay and Paredes will come regardless of rabiot leaving or not becouse The place of him is free , we do not have and real regista beside from rovella who is leaving on loan , i am kinda glad that we keep rabiot becouse he is never injured and we need him sadly . New Profil ❗️Juventus Fan Since forever 🖤🤍 Live in Germany 🇩🇪
beamthechao Saskatchewan, Canada @neon_ufo Free range grass fed posts!! Yeah, its hard to break the mentality of "i must post and have a queue or i will DIE" but honestly personally once i realized people would enjoy my art even if it popped up now and again like a nice snack, i felt free 🍄 On the menu: Jojo | HxH | Hades | Art | Memes 🍄 You should go look at my art @BeamieDraws
proheticvoiceL1 South Carolina, USA Those have all kind abdicated, on alcohol or drug. Those You want be free from it all. I declare and decree angels of deliverance, will deliverance you. 🦅🦅🦅 #prophetic #deliverance #AngelsOnAssignment Prophetic flow global ministries Iam prophetess 🦅 apostolic general /deep mystery / healing mantle/ deliverance 🔥 iam seer 🦅 iam spiritual daughter ❤
dawnwow Canberra “I have just decided the taboo thing I was told I shouldn’t do is okay in the right context and now I’m going to tell my monstrous following who will inevitably not fully understand the context and take it as a free pass to keep being racist.” Just another slice of life Twitter account you probably shouldn’t follow. If you choose to ignore that, there will be occasional dog pics.
HyperHexNFT There is a small team of great people that have helped me along the way and I will shout everyone out once we're live. I hope to see you in the discord and appreciate all of the support leading up to this launch. Feel free to visit for the full rundown. Professional Photographer/Artist/Musician. Creating pieces on and off the blockchain.
TheRealAC49 @BrotherSkwatch We do have free will you know, and I don't think it says anywhere that being a miserable heifer will earn you salvation Luke 4:18-19♡ | City-Country | 26 | Anarcho-ftw | Outchea | Black Fly Music 🪰🖤💎
ChipFleury @RTB_official So what's the problem with that conclusion. I'd say you have a presupposition about free will that you then read into the Bible. The better way is to read the Bible and let the Bible guide your conclusions. As in "you didn't choose me I chose you".
TheOldPoet United States @Whywant2know @LittilAvindar @mmpadellan Free will means people do evil, sometimes the vilest of evils. Would you rather not have free will? I want it and it's the reason Heaven holds little for me, there is no free will there. 🔥 #BidenHarris #Resist #IStandWithUkraine . I'm a thinking Conservative. Feeling very lonely these days. Voting blue UNTIL seditious GOP sees the same reality.
Afghanrebel @the_juice_box_ Good guy brother, I have been doing 1 on 1 sessions for free for past few years and post it up on YouTube. Happy to bring in a struggling trader, we try to see how we can help? Will do it up in few days #SwingTrader #lifeIsShort #BeHappy #doGood just my opinion* do your own due diligence =) fundamental plays. dilution +float rotation =)
AndyAndrewrhead Stoke @iankav @thecoastguy Just had a look at some reviews. It sounds a bit " marmite" judging solely on those I've seen. I suppose I shouldn't have expected anything else really. If I get the chance,and can do so for free then I will give it a butchers. Cheers for your input Had to change my opinion is my opinion. I only come on here to voice it. If you want to argue or criticise it just .... off
core13667 Sverige @sahraakarimi I have been in Iran 7th times.Your video remind me streets of night Tehran/Karaj.Of course,there's also inhuman regime and dictatorship where's any opposition activity is deadly dangerous...but anyway there's things look like" more free "...but Afghanistan will be free.I believe!
mcgwojan01 @Saladtroll006 seems like a good opportunity to me and i can make it for you i will provide you free logo with your banner❤️ lets have a chat and make it happen Creating a life, I love. Conceptual Artist :)
pmercrxnonsense water like smtimes i’m like omg am i even a person do i even have free will… then i remember astrology isn’t anything *with force* it’s really a tool. it’s math, science, literature and history’s love child to humanity from humanity to help us communicate and understand life around us 23 | ashlesha rising | 9H stellium | studying vedic astrology & learning languages | they/she
MaMiizBoSS follow the yellow brick road. @AmsterdamSlick i can actually answer this question. God absolutely has a plan but we as humans have free will.. so you pray to stay on gods path.. and gods plan not your own. . ❥ Hold my drink, bitch. ♍️ Rebel Queen. Earl Simmons Forever. #Cowboys | IG: LesDuchess
Yosull @the_chart_life I will become very concerned if the Financial Stress Index deteriorates. So far, balance sheets have been refinanced from all the goodies and free money. That's the glaring difference between the two similar charts, imho.
goodmachine15 @mack_warwick @catek91490169 @JoJoFromJerz I don’t have a problem with free speech. However, The things you say can and often times will create reactions from people you don’t want attention from. So be careful. Better to be diplomatic. Life. Is. Good.
Lpostfilms Everyone thank you for your enthusiasm but given Inhave enough people willing to audition, I will not be accepting anymore, To everyone else who offered, Feel free to audition and you have until the 30th to bring it in. If you do not get it that’s okay there will be other roles. Home of Fandemic, Ask that man, Etc