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Free Will.

The things some people say about Free Will.

masculinesoul Become a disciplined man: When it comes to dating culture, I place more responsibility on men than women because men have a greater capacity to reason, are more likely to make radical personality and lifestyle changes out of their own free will, and naturally make for better leaders. An amalgamation of… Sharing timeless masculine wisdom with the modern world. My life's mission is to make men great again. Author of Iron Clad Discipline, over 1400 copies sold 👇
veda_padma Pune, India The company one keeps determine their whole life path. Your friends (mercury) influence your actions (Saturn ) Ps: these are the only two planets that control free will and lords upachaya sthan. If your friends are making you a negative person, leave them asap 💐Vedic Astrologer💐 Married.Views personal DO NOT PREACH ON MY TL . Non believers-don’t show ur poor upbringing on my TL.
DrFrankTurek Charlotte, North Carolina God has given us free will. And if it gives us free will, that's the only way we could love. But it also opens up the possibility for evil. #Apologetics Speaker, author: I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist; Stealing from God, Hollywood Heroes, Correct Not Politically Correct, Legis. Morality
Stopnconsider Kitchen of Oppression “She does it of her own free will.” People are going on gender bending hormones and lopping off healthy body parts of their own free will. Is consent really the ethic we want to hold to for human behavior? Christ confessed, maritally blessed, not stressed, never pressed, kids’ hair not messed, red panda obsessed
obie_by_obie USA @ElonMuskAOC They also love meta, and we have enough data to control free will. Meta Founder, Chairman, and CEO
SecondaryGjmbo Wherever I Want To Be @LegalizeWuhu Instead of the conflict of people wanting to save people and keep their free will, it revolves around the idea of a person who can see the future, and the idea of "incriminating people who haven't done anything", and instead of doing anything interesting with it... I play a lot of ArcSys games | The of LWI | Number 1 Aaron Yeah hater | @LegalizeWuhu is my Bakugo
HillcrestCardCo Check out our Etsy shop! @ProgramYouself @SchouJeremy @newscientist So.... When it comes to calling some old dude bald, god is willing and able of acting to defy free will of children by murdering them with bears. But when it comes to child rape? Nope. Y'all sick forks rationalize that. Sick god, invented by sick people. Spicy greeting cards, vinyl decals, leftist postcards y más, since 2017 ✨ We've got more than 445 five-star reviews!!! ✨ owner operated fork terfs they/she/he
josh29072306 England @SammiTHFC @SpursOfficial Spoiler alert: good thing you have free will and don’t have to buy it 💀 The Arsenal
SharlaLemelin Toronto, Ontario @Scorpra_sag @HamrobMark Nope we can’t. Free will to just carry on without too. Such lost potential of goodness for the world, when this goes on and on. It’s sad.
hollyjayewiley oklahoma @LaineyD1988 @mrjc1 @ElonMuskAOC God gave mankind free will.. Man are of their own demise, God has warned all of us. We allowed the election to get stolen and now the world is under judgement.. u know how I know?? Cuz the Bible tells me so. We don’t live in a perfect world.. The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 13… I'm a God lovin, Jesus follower, Trump lovin, freedom fightin country girl that loves life and anyone in it.. peace❤️
Qblurts Bedford Falls @FreeRossWoodWrk From speaking with those involved, college rape accusations almost always involve booze. And based on progs' oft-expressed hostility to due process, they quietly assume what this (unusually candid) poster foolishly said out loud: Only men have free will. When I hold up my finger outside, a bird should land on it. Their distrust is rude.
LauraRBelin Windsor Heights, Iowa Democratic State Rep Jerome Amos, Jr is speaking now. He's a religious person and believes in God. He believes in free will. We make choices and someday we will have to stand before God and explain them. What he sees here is men and women making choices for other people. Reporter, commentator covering Iowa politics for the progressive website Bleeding Heartland. Part-time statehouse reporter for KHOI Radio in Ames.
DJT70 @AlboMP @EmmanuelMacron Your a traitor to our country to adopt WEF policies. Macron has destroyed his country with open borders. Your electorate is clear where it stands on that issue. Oh and prosperous and free will only be for a certain few if you don’t abandon your globalist idols. #VoteNoAustralia Here to help guide stupid people with stupid ideas
MVPappas I'm in Jesus THE END OF FREE WILL HAS ARRIVED AND THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.... via @YouTube Whatever comes around that corner open your arms and embrace it and Thank God in Jesus Name Whatever it is God will see you through, We have an Amazing God !
jujunetwork bisexual (she/they) , 18 @gnfchaii literally! i love his haircut but at the end of the day its his hair and he has the free will do whatever he want Dteam antis DNI !! dtk fan credits to @/dreamskis for the header
CryptoCon_ The #Bitcoin Data Newsletter is upgrading! Data Bites, which is completely free, will be released weekly and include a unique chart, extensive analysis +more Right alongside the full Monthly issue Visit my profile to read the whole announcement and subscribe for free! #Bitcoin Technical Analyst || Conservative long term analysis || Here to help you make money || Creator of the Nov 28 Cycles Theory
kkkute21 she/her I think I forget I have free will sometimes and that I'm literally allowed to skip ep 11 of step by step and go straight to 12😭😭 There’s a reason we don’t see the world in black and white 🏳️‍🌈
WatchMaga Canada @OwenBenjamin There is no shortage of women who, of their own free will, opt for a life of flying around the world on the dime of Saudi Princes and European Businessmen. Am I supposed to be outraged? Is this “trafficking?” I might think it a poor life choice but I refuse to join the pitchfork… Memesmith Artistry in Motion
bernasconi_rene California @7Veritas4 So what a ratty pawn of the left is a puppet for evil. You use old ladies and weak men to go after him. But good news Jack we all know you and she sold your souls to the Devil. Sweet pawns of evil the Devil always collects. For sure. God and Lucifer agreed free will free choice. Fact based
foxynbunny cc&tumblr foxynbunny "But G0d wanted us to have children" - There are many children without parents and adoption exists even among nonhuman animals - When this exists and everything is created by G0d, then let's go, be LGBTQIAPK and adopt children if you like (free will and stuff) ✍️ +×+, 99% ynbn/sbjn🦊🐰🔄, rpf/rps🔞 MDNI/MDNF⛔️, pan, aro, kink, 90s millennial, she/they, ENFP(16p), ENTP(functions/socio), 3w4, officials blocked
BrianSchmidt9 @hutchinson Your only strategy here is to fight to ensure that the next 4 years are worse than the previous 4 years. Rinse and repeat forever until you are a slave (Hint: people like yourself are already slaves) For those still left with their own free will, the fight continues. #BTC Only | ∞/21M | Bitcoin Node Runner | #StackJoin Block 2455 | #MusicChain Block 8 | Nostr - 0f65aa4d25518263873889f3047fd5e218d33b32d864e8a211d9c04522fd311d
ToHunte Nunia....Nunia bidness @theosib2 @byronology @Alliste35661241 @wendelltalks It doesnt actually as I have stated before. God didnt cause sin, that is our and satans rebellion, but he still causes his will of a perfect free will world to come into being despite the sin, thru Christs redemption, given to all who want it. Thats not an excuse, thats brilliant Christian Conservative.
jazjizzes Hollywood, Los Angeles Does anyone else ever sometimes remember they have free will and do odd crap like boop someone’s nose mid convo or do a cartwheel or something basshead & spiritual e-thot☼ ☽23 | top 0.07%
jazjizzes Hollywood, Los Angeles Does anyone else ever sometimes remember they have free will and do odd crap like boop someone’s nose mid convo or a cartwheel or something basshead & spiritual e-thot☼ ☽23 | top 0.07%
Goddess_Veron Pay 30$ to speak The goal of a real devoted submissive is to make mistress life easier at own free will, and not to sit around waiting for orders. humanatm paypig femdom finD Financial dominatrix with gray penetrating eyes. I will empty your wallet and mind and you will say me thanks.
lour9000 @elonmuskewl @elonmusk Plenty of free will over there...and a lot more reality.
Bible_Doctrines @hines7848 @tattered_bible @igarglewithfire God had foreknowledge that I'd believe on him so he can predestin things for me to do for him. This is not controlling me or my salvation. There is a giant difference when we start taking away free will from people, it makes God the author of sin and abominations and changes Faith and works are in complete opposition with each other when it comes to salvation. They CANNOT coexist for determining salvation. They are opposite.
Caged_Hawk United States "it's ableist that I got super drunk and high by my own free will and then said some dumb racist crap that people got mad at me for" can we just kill this lady already or what? This is getting to maddening levels of stupidity and idk how much more I can take. Chicken Butt
Chad4328 Dorr, MI @YouHaveFought @Soteriology101 God doesn't control me, I have free will to sin or not. A hair won't fall off my head without the will of the Father and there is nothing the Father doesn't know. My mind can't begin to grasp Gods greatness I am so thankful God chose me and worked out my Salvation. Eph 2:8-9 Psalm 139 shows how in Control God is.I am 100% responsible for my own sins.
Bible_Doctrines @hines7848 @tattered_bible @igarglewithfire God for knew who they would be that they would be saved and what manner of men they would be. Because of this foreknowledge he's also able to ordain them to do certain works for him. This does not mean he was in control of their salvation or have no free will. Faith and works are in complete opposition with each other when it comes to salvation. They CANNOT coexist for determining salvation. They are opposite.
MagggieGuru This is what they want you to believe so you say that is Nothing I can do now. Free Will is giving only by God and returns to God and Not body can take it away UNLESS YOU MAKE THAT AFFIRMATIVE CONSENT. What they say is BS. I am a mother and a patriot and love my country
metanomades The Matrix, where we can escape the monotony of reality by trading it for a simulated prison of illusion. Who needs free will and authentic experiences when we can be content with the blue pill of ignorance? 🧠💊 #MatrixAwakening Organic YouTube Video Promotion Specialist SEO optimization for YouTube videos Social media marketing Content creation Analytics and data-driven decision-making
Stopnconsider Kitchen of Oppression @curiousTricia @NSanctification People do plenty of dangerous, unwise, and flat out sinful things of their own free will. Is that the standard for if it’s right or okay? Well, they chose to do it so it’s fine. Consent is a poor standard for human behavior. Christ confessed, maritally blessed, not stressed, never pressed, kids’ hair not messed, red panda obsessed
TxSheriHockey Deep in the Heart of TX @EndTimesYHWH @WallStreetApes Do you understand that God gives us free will? We have a choice between good and evil. If you study Revelation in the Bible, you’ll understand. It’s all predicated. Dallas Stars! ⭐️ Antoine Roussel's #1 Fan ⭐️ ALL HOCKEY-ALL THE TIME! ⭐️ #ROOPE⭐️ #BENN ⭐️ #SEGUIN⭐️#ROBERTSON⭐️#PAVS #NHL⭐️I live tweet during games!
fatsnowman123 @stratularsaurus @oguillon93 @seriously133 @DelusionPosting Oh yes because people only work for those who exploit them and it's not a gain to them. To take a job offering of their own free will. (Slave labor excluded)
ChuckRothman Schenectady, NY @RandyFix3 @bassplayer21121 Wow! And this is news to you? This is something deep? But it also doesn't really understand the concept of free will. Author of Staroamer's Fate and 50+ SF short stories. @SFWA member. Agent: @VaughneHansen (Virginia Kidd Literary Agency) #amwriting #writing
BookTeasers Worldwide "Worlds" is a novel depicting epic battles of good versus evil. It takes a deep-dive exploration into the meanings of consciousness, free will, Artificial Intelligence, and existence itself. ➡️ #fantasy #scifi #AI #booktwitter #readers @lord_froth Great Books Listed Daily▫️BOOK PROMO via our @TweetYourBooks Mothership to over 1m Readers▫️#AuthorsOfTwitter Writing & Publishing resources via @WriteIntoPrint
ohkaebee +_+ like yes please tie me up artistically and as tightly as safely possible and refuse my limbs the disorientation and uncertainty of free will ♡ peaceful alt: @bwuhnni
soaringmediocr1 @WomenPostingLs When she hits the wall and stops making money being a whore, how free will she feel. My Lord/Your Holiness
eabos7kmattreid New Jersey, USA @laxcxn_me i remember saying yas before i knew eabos as a selfish idiot thinking im special to stop good or bad free will. and life is mostly bad like a bad weird but a good weird like yas and food life real friends real family at least mostly real humans on earth again of course. in 2022 i discovered simple life fact everythings always been old school. old enough kid 7 to 26. nothin is end all be all of course I like to be virgin forever
AmpegRage @Cernovich He was with everyone that trusted in him and believed in his son Jesus Christ, every moment. Men have free will and the Lord wants people who WANT to trust in him. Don't blame the wickedness of men on the Lord. We all make choices and he is just enough to accept and respect that. 2. But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.
vandahl7 Sojourning THE END OF FREE WILL HAS ARRIVED AND THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.... via @YouTube I would rather stand with God and be judged by the world, than stand with the world and be judged by God.
LarryCJante Lykens Pa USA God gives you free will then you take it upon yourself to take the free will of others. God set the boundaries of nations and you violate those boundaries to rob, lie and steal...think I am the only one that understands these things? Just asking People make me special...A believer in God, Jesus and Liberty. MAGA and everything that goes with it...1776 I mean. By the way...I have issues.
ecocideee norway i forget i have free will and can j go anywhere i want what the burger
Lewdigo1 UK The want to be stepped on any and everywhere by some squishy paws. Made to believe that every squish is a relinquishment of free will. Giving oneself over willingly, begging for control to be removed. Being brainwashed so that all they'd need to do is show their paws and I kneel~ AD of @Robinidigo. 26. Null switch dragon, big on hypno kinks. Bi. Sometime vents. NSFW. Artist. Late replier. Friend to ya. He/It. Property of @ArcticUrsine
jengland004 California @TesseractDelta A deep and complicated question. I would say we do have free will, although, by incarnating on this planet, we have agreed to certain parameters. We are in somewhat of a box in that sense. We can do whatever we want in the box, but we're still in the box In the spirit realm… Embrace new technologies. Break free of old systems 👽✌️
SoYoureNetty Holland, Michigan @Baldurdash50 @Imonlymewhoareu @Minkiemom17 @DoomScroling @This1drlandLife @redusa21 @lulubadger @Icarus20561 @northwest8969 @risaruart @misfitparade03 I get the feeling a lot of things are difficult for them. Starting with the concepts of freedom and free will. Journalist, grant writer, award-winning photographer, community activist, volunteer, family girl, proud momma, ally and staunch independent. @waynestate alum.
boge0069 @elonmuskewl @elonmusk I'm looking for a free will. I want to leave everything to my girlfriend and I'm having life threatening surgery. Can you help me out? BTW what the hell kinda name is Elon? 8s it gender neutral? How about Musk? Doesn't that come from genital scent glands?
CambridgeLoser UK @stellacreasy says, ‘whilst Mike is a Super Sheepie, politicians in all parties raise his abilities too high wanting his signature but at the same time his rights too low in terms of allowing him his own free will. This says a lot about their views of life, others and their own.’ Part sensible, mostly stupid.