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MCHammer Bay Area #GoldenState #Oakland Earth doesn’t worry about our “free will”abuse of her. She has both a fail safe and reset button.She will simply activate them ALL and start over.We call them Volcanoes. 💫 #OAKLANDFIGHTCLUB #RootedinOakland #Dubnation #RaiderNation #AI #Hamm400aos #Science #NFTs #DeFi #Crypto #Books #Bitcoin #eth
lizthegrey Unceded Gadigal+Musqueam land Some of us weren't originally "internet personalities" of our own free will before we got doxxed :( And it turns out being an "internet personality" by choice or unwillingly does not equate to having the resources and security teams needed to protect oneself :( Principal 🐝 @honeycombio; governance @OpenTelemetry; views her own. board @coworkerfund @tallpoppyhq. 🇺🇸 in 🇨🇦/🇦🇺, ♿, 🏳️‍⚧️ & queer, #pluralgang ❄️🐆
Whisper30709599 @DanCrenshawTX @RepLizCheney voted with Trump hating dems for political reasons against the Constitution She supported lawlessness of impeachments & stood by corruption of her own free will and her daddy's and bush's hatred for Trump Where's Bidens impeachment for bribery?? If you think I am racist because I am white... that makes you the racist. Today's conspiracies are tomorrow's truths... Me! My comments are my opinions only
WBiqofoa by Art and they still had free will An empire there isn't ے⁦نون⁩- . The only loss ك̷و̷د̶⁩ ⁦̸خ̷ص̸م̴⁩ . is the best part General baconaholic
NathalieBenar13 @CTVNews Really?? She’s leaving of her own free will?? Shame on you Bell Media and CTV.
thomasthecat Bay Area, CA I did some reading on Lil Miquela and the idea of a "virtual celebrity" isn't exactly new there's something wild about it. Fame without free will. A personality entirely tuned by brand experts. All façade, no pathos. Not to be too much of an old man about this but oof. Associate Art Director for @trekonlinegame. Recently canonized Star Trek ship artist. This is my personal twitter; follow @Cryptic_TTC for only STO stuff!
RobertJLorenz Vienna, Austria @george_orwell3 Terrifying ... This is a proof for the end of the right of people to demonstrate, the end of democacy, the end of free will and free speech in Canada ... Where are you going Canada ? #TrudeauDestroyingCanada Writer, Engineer, Carpenter, Art lover, Traveller, Interested in History and Nature and Physics and Philosophy ...
TheAmScho Washington, DC On Smarty Pants, @skdh talks about why she doesn’t think the idea of “free will” is useful, how math led physics astray, and why that sexy paper about multiverses is just a cool story, bro. A quarterly journal of literature, science, and culture published by @PhiBetaKappa for a general readership since 1932.
LaCarmina 70+ countries traveled 👽🛸 New week, new interview. 🤘 Thanks @DaveDTC @tehchinliang for the Q&A about my travel / TV work, personal style, and upcoming “Little Book of Satanism.” There’s a nod to whether we have free will, and the inevitability of #TheCollapse as well… PREORDER 💜 “The Little Book of Satanism" out 10/25, Simon & Schuster! 👹 Award-winning travel & Gothic fashion journalist, blogger, TV host, author of 4 books.
FeastOnHisFlesh Valhalla @DeerCampWorkday @TheBibleIsJesus I don't really care much about the free will argument. I'm a staunch believer in God's sovereignty, and I think if the Bible has multiple chapters defending it (not just a verse), then it's pretty cut and dry. That being said, God's the one works it all out. Mountain supremacy
SlowwCo Global @Daylenbonner @luminus2784 And experientially validated through meditation: Art of Living for Students of Life • synthesizes lifelong learning that catalyzes human development • 🧠Synthesizer Course: coming soon • By: @KyKow
DivineRipper Amsterdam, Nederland Gn beautiful people ❤️ Freedom; is the most precious gift you can possess. History has shown many times how fragile it can be, so don't take it for granted and do all you can to preserve it. Nothing will ever matter more than having your own free will. 0.08 #eth #NFTCommmunity Nft Artist | Nft Collector | Abstract Art | A.I. Art | Singer |
bce01002 @decadimitry if he took the drugs himself, that was his choice. it's got nothing to do with rape -- a rape victim never consented to the sex act. your son bought and consumed the drug of his own free will, yes? no one forced him to do anything? then it's his own choice, no one else's fault. mostly harmless
Rahul_myIndia @ArvindKejriwal You are making shortcut by showing Free ticket to lalaland. Don't make things free . There are resources available for next generation too! We work and earn and pay taxes to make india grow. But not for free because free will kill nation work towards growth! You will make beggers
KosherBooty The void Because the ultimate sign of respect is choosing to fear him right? Despite our free will? To resist temptations like starbursts and offer a 10th of our income that he doesn’t rly need—but as thanks for not smiting us? Young,Black & Jaded• Starving Artist • 🇻🇮 • 🇯🇲• ♌️ • SF, CA ✈️ ATL, GA• here for news & hoping to be proven wrong abt humanity. Usually not tho.
IDGARatsArse @S_Rhoades @mcbird66464373 @GrahamAllen_1 Many medical professionals understand that there is a far greater power than just science and medicine. God gives us free will. Where there is good there is evil. Don’t underestimate the Spiritual world. 2nd Amendment forever. God gave us the USA- let’s keep it. Let’s go Brandon! Woke = Weak. Missouri. @earnagem is backup. 🍊
TAW_NFTS Jersey Channel Islands Feeling of Love, Ability to make choices, Power of imagination, Power of Thought and The power of Free Will all of these are abstract concepts. Neither can fully be explained by science. Therefore not even by logic. Each of them are independently huge transcendental phenomenons The Affirmation World - a happy place where you can find your inner strength - Our inner energy crystals will help you manifest your wishes in web3 & the world.
saliemchiu San Francisco, CA Surveillance + free speech is another interesting arena. Panic ensured when it was discovered that emotions were being a/b tested on by Meta. And when Amazon bought Roomba. The funny thing is, the heart of the issue is free will and the nature of morality. art, tech & culture analysis. owning it. lacking in quips. low key engagement. sorry to bother you. say hi! 🥰
stoneybertz1 @Sultress2022 CYBER is free like the air we breath, so are we humans who have the free will and luxury of time to engage as normally in the physical world....cheer ya'll up amigos criminologist,former instructor in criminal justice education & defensive tactics,crisis mgt/opns/intel specialist,a filipino and an spanish knight,
KarenNi07909189 @karlmathews @JamesMelville Evil people have no trouble causing chaos and detriment if it fits their agenda. Good people are not as programmed to fight back in return. To overcome decades of subtle and manipulated control is not easy. But the farmers, the truckers show us all what free will can do. I’m a Karen, don’t be afraid to use me I am a voice of reason.
LeaguesBetter PfP Cred: fluidly from one to the other, as those closer to the backstage pick up the discarded box the Insecurities had placed her in a minute previous. The Securities start to lift Weiss up, and as they do, a pedastal starts to rise beneath her. The Security of free-will gently brings ❝What are you? Brain dead!?❞ -CEO of the SDC. #MUNdane owns non of the artwork seen here. It is for entertainment purposes
KNapunyu Nyeri to Sharjah 😇 @BLACK_APPLE00 @EmmanuelNaibei8 @MarthaKarua Kenyan economy has been hot like never before by COVID, drought and deep state theft.Let Kenyans live peacefully.More Kenyans if if just a few hindered thousand more only voted for Ruto. It’s free will. It’s a free world.We have to build our lives and build Kenya. Political science and IT,KCSE county topper , fav pastime: Shavine Computer College,☕️ junkie,Insomniac,Advocate of accountable governance and people’s rights
GraniRau They will tell you that you must love everyone. Despite your free will your love and hate aren't yours to give, they are owed to all. Not mere obedience to rules and conformity, they demand you feel and believe it. The most thorough tyranny will be under the label of compassion. ♓ ♈ ♌
tlbtlbtlb Silicon Valley @lacker If such a simulated universe existed and contained philosophers, and some of them believed in free will while others believed in destiny, the latter would be correct. PhD in CS. Robotics. Simulation. @ycombinator
GraniRau They will tell you of the importance of man's free will but then try to obligate you to forgive everything, and implicitly threaten you if you don't want to forgive. ♓ ♈ ♌
SEVENTEEN76777 @elohimtribe 671 Jason I Am Sorry I Have Free Will And I Do Not Like To Be Attacked And Insulte COVFEFE POLICE 💀 My name. 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊 TELEGRAM 👇🍿
alicd6925 And sheer education performance...In the free will as ؟? نمشے 🔹H20🔹 🔹H20🔹 🔹H20🔹
HellBoundReaper KMA Land @DawnTaylor3398 @Truthkindlove @HighImpactFlix It's ok. Sometimes we all do but it just means we make mistakes. If we fix them, we learn and grow as an individual. That is the greatest thing about free will. ❤ To All Americans! Your rights do not defend themselves! I stopped choosing my poison. FORCED Taxation is extortion from the Government Mafia. Full Libertarian.
Rudolfheszzz Moon @AtheistRyan This is an "is/ought" problem and moral objectivists claim morality is an "is" when in fact its an "ought" Moral objectivism is an inccorect position as morality is a choice or option(assuming free will) and therfore subjective - always. Seeing a lot of this nonsense recently. R Hess respector - crimes against peace. Trying hard to be a better person. Base 10 suppreamcist. Hate propoganda and disinfo. Apolitical. T/REX
comanddictbot So much from a psychological standpoint. From a historical standpoint.... one observes that no despot imperialist and militarist throughout history has ever been known to leave the stage of history of his own free will without being overthrown by the people. Yet another bot to own the anarchists, courtesy of Chairman Mao Zedong
wastedtaste1 Los Angeles, CA one element of Catholicism I really appreciated growing up and potentially even would put stock in is the idea of the god giving us free will - then we use it, and hopefully most of us grow to use it well. But I gotta be fine with no answers. Above all, I hope heaven is answers. anywho
MYarkinErgin NJ - US and i JUST realized today is literally its anniversary. free will much? Busy with cognitive science 'yazmazsam çıldıracaktım.' confusion with no urgency
inspired2be2 Louisiana, USA The divorce rate of arranged marriages is less than 4 percent versus 40 percent of marriages in the U.S. where partners chose who to marry on their own free will. Arranged marriages are far from a new concept, and they're still practiced in certain parts of the world.Jun 30, 2017 Writer💕Strategist* Non-Violence Freedom Fighter✨1800s MARIE A NEGRESSE of whom he has LIBERATED from slavery🪶 #Atakapa-Ishak✨#FBA 🇺🇸#AmericanNegro #freedman
madara_qtbot Hahaha! What arrogance! It makes me want to resist for no reason, but there does seem to be no disadvantage to accepting? Even if it doesn’t settle well with me to have my free will stolen away and dance to someone else’s tune. ママだよおお!✰ // tweets madara quotes every 30 minutes // FUB free
ReneeChristin3 @practicalastros I've spent many years wrestling with different philosophies about reality that are forced to be reckoned with when studying astrology, such as fate, free will etc and I've become fairly comfortable facing the uncertainty of such things, so it doesn't completely she/they • artist • astrology student • traditional astrology • ♏︎↑ ♍︎☽ ♈︎☉ • ♇ ☌ AC • ♒︎ ♂ ✨
Shatter242 East Bay Area @ToriatheistTori of course you have free will... but I know what you'll do long before you do it. It's your choice, really... scouts honor and all that, but yeah, I already know. Spoiler alert! Yes, I'm that guy. RET GOON (DEF CON). Retired DJ. Hacker, Senior IT/Networks, Comedic Troll, Rebel, Gamer, Super Dad, Legalize Everything. PSN: Pzycho242
kylo_rcn Wouldn’t you like to know? @anakcnskywalker // and yknow what? YEAH I DONT WANNA DO MY JOB!! fork YALL like why would I want to work in customer service of my own free will??? gth #KYLOREN: "I've given everything to you... to the Dark Side..." he / him. Read 📌.
36Emmet HAMILTON, ONTARIO, CANADA @Servelan @mhdksafa Unlike dogs, people have minds & free will and are capable of choosing to hate, or not. Canadian rebel, like my Irish namesake, speaking out for social justice against all the undemocratic, unfair, self-serving interests in our society.
itheawesomeidk he/him Take your pick people: A mediocre film that doesn't contribute much to the MCU, but is fun overall. Or A show that assassinates one of the MCU's most iconic villains, moves him through a nonsensical plot, and removes free will from all previous films. The choice is yours. Marvel & DC. #Arcane
SaimaFerdows She/Her I am ready for a phone free holiday to be discourse free. will settle for throwing my phone in the toilet and lying down in a field. Oscar Losing Writer's Assistant. Sign up to my comedy writing newsletter, link below
azuresummer_ ♡ incense burner ♡ ao3 is one of the last vestiges of free will in online spaces, it honestly makes me so sad that people don’t grasp how special that is, and how awesome the tagging is/how simple it is to navigate it mdzs/cql | late 20’s | she/her | 🔞 | novel canon wx dynamics | you can try, now, to see if i would reject you over anything | azuresummer on ao3
FD1QUOTE ✈️ Flight 180 CARTER: Then why bother? What's the forkin' point? Terry and me will be back together on the other side, so why wait any longer? CLEAR: Knock it off! CARTER: May as well go out under my own free will, right? CLEAR: Not with us in the forkin' car! CONTENT WARNINGS: death, violence, vulgarity, etc. Some quotes are edited due to length or offensive language. Posts every two hours.
TempletonPress AGENCY is the force of free will guided by moral discernment. This is the transformative idea behind .@IanVRowe's important new book. Learn more about it in this wonderful conversation between Ian and .@coldxman. Publishing books on Science & the Big Questions, The Virtues, Freedom & Free Markets, and Spirituality & Health.
TheReallyRealM3 @MNiall5 @legitlaurag Asking why is prayer necessary is like asking “why do you exist?” The point is you do. Isn’t that a good thing? Why is too little of a concept for all of existence and or The Lord to be contained in. We are given free will, and The Lord respects our free will.
Madame_Pirate United States @SpiritofKahless @PShapMD @RonaldNHughes There is a huge difference between doing something of your own free will and having it forced upon you. 🏴‍☠️
TheosisENGiNE Epoch Torn Asunder. Yesterday I had a convo with a MDiv student of the issue of free will if God has absolute sovereignty. It was an amazing philosophical and biblical backed convo. /My intuition is #Illumination/Resist the anti-Christ(s)/ 👼/ Grad Student/
morytmilo San Francisco Bay Area What goes civil rights mean? The choice to live psychotic and in squalor, really? Who in his or her right mind would make that choice. The definition of 'free will' doesn't exist until you are lucid enough to know what that means. #MentalHealthAwareness Editor, Journalist, mental health advocate
AteSomeEggs why do these types of people assume japan has absolutely no free will and always bend over backwards to american standards i love spanish dishes but no i’m not menudo (art @Eat_Some_Eggs)
MichaelBinkle14 @recordofabeing @PopularLiberty_ @MRDeVinney1 @ComicDaveSmith How does that intersect with contracts? If you own your free will and your will changes, can you unilaterally void a contract based on the ownership of your will? Reconstruction period fascination, Fed auditing enthusiast, money in politics is cancer, invest in a secure American intranet.
translattorn Inadequate world @PhilosophyMttrs Thanks. Your pinion's important. Can I please get to my regular life where I make life choices and don't give a damn about what homegrown intellectuals think of free will? Glory to Ukrainian nation, f*ck russian federation #укртві #atheist | Translator | Asshole | Centrist