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Free Australian Statutory Declaration

A Statutory Declaration is a written statement declared to be the truth … the whole truth and nothing but the truth - as the cliché goes.

It needs to be signed in the presence of an authorised witness.

It is often known as a Stat' Dec'.

Just to make life more interesting; each State and Territory has it's own particular (or peculiar) format for a Stat' Dec' - so you'll need to know in which state (or territory) you plan to use it.

These forms are not to be trifled with - if you make a false statement in a Stat' Dec' then you could be fined or even jailed. That's the point of these things - if someone makes a Stat' Dec' you can be reasonably sure that what they say is true.

Our service will guide you through the process of making your Statutory Declaration, it will provide the correct format for the state (or territory) where you intend to use the document, and we will advise you who can witness your signature.

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