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Please note when we use the word Attorney in this situation we simply mean the person you are giving authority to - they do not have to be legally trained. There are several things to consider before you start making your Power of Attorney:

How many Attorneys do you need?
If you only appoint one Attorney, then what happens if that person is unavailable or unable to carry out your wishes? If you appoint more than one, should they work as a team - if decisions are to be made do they have to agree unanimously or can one of them make decisions independently?

What do you want your Attorney(s) to do?
The more specific you are about their chores the more likely they are to get it right! You might like to pre-prepare your instructions, then you can simply copy and paste them into our form.

Over what period do you want your Attorney to have this power?
Does it go on forever or just until you get back from a trip?

Note that Power of Attorney documents are only good for financial type decisions - they cannot be used for medical or lifestyle decisions - for that you would need to make a Living Will or appoint an Enduring Guardian.

Make a Power of Attorney

Go here for the Northern Territory Power of Attorney Form

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