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Free Power of Attorney Form for the NT

We are not able to provide a pre-filled form for the Northern Territory Power of Attorney. But you can simply download a blank form and fill it out by hand … yes people still do that … occasionally. Use the link below to download the form (Power of Attorney for the Northern Territory), but note that it is only for use in the Northern Territory, for all other states use our regular Power of Attorney Form Download the form and fill it out as per the attached instructions.

Make sure you include the following:
You should get a lawyer to check it.

Then you need to get your forms witnessed and signed. You need a qualified witness: a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Oaths, a police officer or a solicitor.

Note that Power of Attorney documents are only good for financial type decisions - they cannot be used for medical or lifestyle decisions - for that you would need to make a Living Will or appoint an Enduring Guardian.

Download a Power of Attorney for the Northern Territory

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